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Expat/ Intercultural Coaching…a new life in a new country

What is Expat / Intercultural Coaching?

Moving to, arriving in and acclimatising to a new country is demanding on an emotional, psychological and practical level. A new life in a new country offers many opportunities and insights, but is often accompanied to some extent by ‘culture shock’.

Expat/Intercultural coaching is individual guidance in preparing for, living, working and acclimatization abroad (and re-acclimatizing upon your return) on the abovementioned levels, with the aim of helping you to orientate yourself, to gain insight into your situation and to (re)discover the connection with yourself in your new surroundings. Ultimately, it concerns enabling this change in your life to evolve smoothly, fittingly reconstructing your sense of home and about you being able to continue developing naturally.

Individual coaching can also be combined with Intercultural Training, including a whole series of modular Intercultural workshops; the latter can also be done separately. See the Intercultural Training page for a complete overview of all the integral (combination of New Life Coaching’s
3 specialisations: intercultural competency, personal development & professional development) and integrated coaching & training products and services.

Who is Expat/ Intercultural Coaching for?

  • people who are embarking a on a new life in a new country:
    • new arrivals/foreigners/Expats in the Netherlands
    • (potential) emigrants
    • people who wish to reintegrate: into society, in a new country or upon return from abroad (e.g. in the light of reverse culture shock)
    • highly-educated foreigners e.g. Masters en PhD students & teachers (and their partners/families)
    • people who work in a multicultural environment and with people from  other cultures 

Possible themes are/services:


  • Culture and adjustment
    • culture-shock & reverse culture-shock (upon return to your own country)
    • acclimatisation – the 4 phases of living in a new country



  • Identity:
    • Identity and ‘feeling different’
    • What’s the relationship between identity, culture and nationality ?



Work forms:

  • experiential activities
  • role-playing
  • creative activities
  • assignments

Contact forms

Working languages:

English, Dutch, Spanish and French

heard / read

"Friend, I am at sea, you I did not see, you're water that keeps me afloat, I'm a boat on your waves of kindness"

Aart Beunderman
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