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Expat / Intercultural Training

What is Intercultural Training?

Intercultural Training is interactive and experiential group-oriented training in intercultural communication, with the aim of enabling you to gain insight into and practise with relevant issues, in turn permitting you to become more interculturally-competent.

One of the focuses of Intercultural Training is the field of intercultural communication. New Life Coaching offers intercultutral communication workshops to internationally-oriented companies, at diversity congresses or other events; most recently at the international career and internship event Energy Internship Career Plaza (RUG & Energy Valley) and at the diversity congress Werkt Diversiteit (

Energy Internship Career Plaza (RUG & Energy Valley) (NLC: 02:49 t/m 03:06)

Training and coaching for the full length of your ‘journey’

Whether you are moving to a new country for the first time in your life, making a business trip abroad or are new to working in an international, multicultural environment where intercultural communication occurs on a daily basis and intercultural competency is a must, New Life Coaching offers you, your partner and family or your company constant and expert guidance from start to finish. This diagram provides an overview of the stages of this guidance process and illustrates the integration between coaching and training.

Integral approach - integrated training and coaching

New Life Coaching has developed an integral and integrated intercultural communication & competency method. Integral since intercultural competency, personal development & professional development are combined; integrated since (elements of) training and coaching are combinable to form an integrated approach to the intercultural theme. For example, workshops, modules and a comprehensive training series (see ‘products’ below) can be consolidated by and follow on seamlessly to individual intercultural/expat coaching.

Who is Intercultural Training for?

  • people who are embarking a on a new life in a new country:
    • new arrivals/foreigners/Expats in the Netherlands
    • (potential) emigrants
    • people who wish to (re-)integrate: into society, into a new country or upon return from abroad (e.g. in the light of reverse culture shock)
    • highly-educated foreigners e.g. Masters en PhD students & teachers (and their partners/families)
    • people who work in a multicultural environment and with people from  other cultures 

Products & services


  • integral:
    • all 3 coaching areas:  intercultural competency, personal and professional development
    • language support service: English, Dutch, Spanish & French
  • integrated (training & coaching combined)
  • comprehensive support during all the stages of your ‘whole journey’ from start to finish:
    • preparation (intercultural themes e.g. identity, culture, perception, otherization, culture shock, etc.)
    • training AND coaching
    • support during all 4 phases of acclimatisation…
    • …and upon return to your home country (reverse culture shock) via e-coaching
  • coaching & training in 4 languages: English, Dutch, Spanish & French
  • varied, dynamic, experiential work forms: Powerpoint presentations, exercises, games, roleplays, personal & family development plans, assignments, etc.
  • focus and attention on all levels: individual, partner/family & group
  • lifelong personal expat and intercultural experience
  • years of professional experience as a trainer and coach

Work forms:

  • experiential activities
  • role-playing
  • games
  • discussions, feedback, reflection
  • debates
  • video clips, Powerpoint presentations, home activities

Working languages:

English, Dutch, Spanish and French

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