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Welcome to New Life Coaching Zwolle (Overijssel)

Life’s a journey. Each person has his/her own life-journey, with different paths, routes, twists and turns and destinations. Sometimes it’s an inner journey, but it can also literally be a journey to a new country. Sometimes our journey is characterised by a great deal of movement and change, at other times in our life an important aspect of our journey is precisely to stand still.

Awareness of the journey itself can prevent self-alienation and estrangement from our surroundings and helps us to reconnect with our life and where we are now. Read more...

New Life Coaching, based in Zwolle, offers guidance for people who wish to go on an intuitive journey to a ‘new life’ and consciously want lasting change in their life.

From a holistic vision of life and with an intuitive, creative and experiential style of coaching, New Life Coaching offers personal coaching on your life-journey, ‘in a language that you speak’, in the following 3 contexts:

1. Life Coaching‘a new way of life’

2. Expat/ Intercultural Coaching & Training…‘a new life in a new country’

3. Professional Development Coaching‘a new life’s work’

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"Friend, I am at sea, you I did not see, you're water that keeps me afloat, I'm a boat on your waves of kindness"

Aart Beunderman

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