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Music and films

By the coach himself:

By others:


By the coach himself:

By others:


  • The heart of Buddha’s teaching; Hanh, T. N.
  • Practising the power of now; Tolle, E.
  • Intuitive Living, a Sacred Path ; Seale, A.
  • Leven met Hooggevoeligheid – van Opgave naar Gave; Marletta-Hart, S.
  • The seven spiritual laws of success, Chopra, D.
  • Spiral Dynamics; Beck, D. & Cowan, C.
  • Embracing Our Selves: The Voice Dialogue Manual, Stone, H. & S.
  • De creatiespiraal (The creation spiral),  Knoope, M.

heard / read

"Friend, I am at sea, you I did not see, you're water that keeps me afloat, I'm a boat on your waves of kindness"

Aart Beunderman
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