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Life Coaching...a new way of life


What is Life Coaching?

New Life Coaching guides you on your life-journey to your current destination, but above all to ‘a new way of travelling’; in other words, to a new way of life: living intuitively and consciously…being who you truly are, wherever you are Now, and so ultimately feeling ‘at home’ within yourself. 

Who is Life Coaching for?

Life Coaching is for people who wish to shape their lives intuitively and intrinsically, who want to experience natural growth, culminating in enduring self-actualisation.

Possible themes are:

  • Living intuitively and consciously:
    • (creating inner) peace and space
    • (Re-)connecting mind, body and heart



  • Personal development and/or self-actualisation:
    • what gives me energy, what takes it away?
    • what’s my passion, what are my dreams?


  • Identity:
    • who am I deep down, what is my essence?
    • do I sometimes have inner conflict and why?
    • where do I feel at home?



  • High-sensitivity:
    • what is high-sensitivity?
    • am I a Highly-Sensitive Person?
    • gift or burden?




  • Voice Dialogue
  • Inner Child-work
  • Constellations
  • Creation Spiral
  • Energy-reading
  • Visualisations

Work forms:

  • experiential activities
  • awareness activities
  • creative/artistic activities
  • role-playing
  • developmental games & -cards
  • assignments
  • (walking, sitting) meditation

Contact forms

Working languages:

English, Dutch, Spanish and French

heard / read

"Friend, I am at sea, you I did not see, you're water that keeps me afloat, I'm a boat on your waves of kindness"

Aart Beunderman
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