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Making your acquaintance/Intake

Every person is unique…so each coaching programme is different.

We always start with a free, non-binding meeting to become acquainted; it’s important that you feel at ease concerning my approach, with me as a person and the setting. We will then determine your coaching theme, your expectations and the possibilities. If we decide to proceed with the coaching, we will agree on a programme and draw up a coaching contract, including the number of sessions, location(s) and price.


Central to my coaching method is the principle ‘from intuition, comes intuition’: intuitiveness is a dynamic, organic and natural state, which is enduring and self-sustaining. This leads to self-integration and interconnection with fundamental aspects such as consciousness, openness, awareness, wellbeing and balance. Your being intuitive and living intuitively radiates outwards and leads to (and is the result of) interaction, both between the abovementioned aspects in yourself as well as between the coach and coachee, and in general between yourself and others.

Each coaching programme is different and begins by agreeing on a definite coaching theme and personal goals.

The following ‘4 fundamental questions' are central to a coaching programme:

  • What is the situation?
  • What do I want?
  • What shall I choose?
  • What shall I do/what action shall I take?

Finally, I strongly recommend combining my coaching with, for instance yoga, tai chi, mediation, aikido, etc.


Fundamental to a coaching relationship is that coach and coachee are on equal terms. You are your ‘own expert’ regarding your coaching theme and finding your own answers. In this sense, responsibility for change lies with you, the coachee.

Fundamental attitude

  • Warmth and respect
  • Rest, personal space, wellbeing and openness
  • Compassionate interconnection
  • Awareness, consideration and non-judgemental contemplation
  • Being intuitive and acting intuitively
  • Free-feeling, out-of-the-box  thinking, creativity
  • Humour and playfulness


Where does New Life Coaching take place?

Every person is unique and each coaching programme is personal, so choice of location is tailored to your needs and agreed on together.

The choices of location are as follows:

heard / read

"Friend, I am at sea, you I did not see, you're water that keeps me afloat, I'm a boat on your waves of kindness"

Aart Beunderman
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