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Life is a journey…

Whatever form your journey takes, ultimately it all comes down to the same thing. Going on a journey means exploring, experiencing and (re)discovering who and where you essentially are, what your destination is. At certain moments and in certain points in our life, we can feel disoriented and isolated or literally uprooted. At that moment we are out of balance because we feel little connection with ourselves and where we are now. A possible destination is to ‘come home again’ in your surroundings and above all feel at home within yourself, but it is the journey itself that is most important…your journey.


With rest, self-awareness and self-compassion as the points of departure, I will guide you to map out and rediscover yourself and your life-journey. Perhaps you feel the need to make changes to your life as it is now, or maybe you are starting anew in a new country. New Life Coaching enables you to gain insight into your life’s work and your dreams in life, and subsequently bring about natural, meaningful and lasting change. I will guide you intuitively on a journey to a new life, with your own intuition serving as an infallible and constant compass.

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"Friend, I am at sea, you I did not see, you're water that keeps me afloat, I'm a boat on your waves of kindness"

Aart Beunderman
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